Barry Parker has worked in the Financial Services Industry since 1982 and has been organising residential mortgages since then. In 1997 Barry started his own mortgage management company Capitalcorp/Nationalcorp Home Loans with funding from Adelaide Bank and ING. By 2007, Nationalcorp was one of the largest mortgage management companies in the country with State Offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne servicing the whole country.

In 2009, Barry qualified himself as a Financial Planner. In 2011, he started Australia Capital Financial Planning Dealer Group. Later that year Barry also gained a Real Estate Licence in Queensland.

In 2013, Barry further diversified his business interests by buying a significant share holding in national broking group Nectar Mortgages and a major share in national mortgage aggregation group Custom Equity Group.

In 2017, Barry was made an offer for Australian Capital Financial Planning and Nationalcorp Home Loans from a group that has merged with a bank from WA – Goldfields Money. Barry has retained the interest in Nectar Mortgages and Custom Equity Group.

Barry is immensely proud of this performance record having always been a responsible corporate citizen. His companies have always been focussed on providing quality service to many thousands of clients over the years.

Barry's current focus is helping people realise their financial dreams via investment properties - namely auxiliary homes!

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We carefully select an investment property that meets all our criteria, and act as a Buyer’s Agent to purchase the property on your behalf. Then we project manage the construction of an auxiliary home in the back yard, and in some cases organise renovations on the main home, ready to attract good tenants. We’ll put you in touch with a Property Manager who will find you two sets of tenants. You now have two homes on one block, attracting two rents!

We set these up to be cash flow positive. The numbers work differently for each person’s circumstances, but they are always cash flow positive. That’s money coming into your pocket each week. There is also the long term capital growth to consider. We believe that property should be a long term investment. When it’s cash flow positive, there’s no impact on your lifestyle, so there’s no problem holding it for the long term.